"If you want a frank, uninhibited account of a young American male who did not want to join the U.S.Army and go to Vietnam, this book is for you. A good read."

—Pete Seeger
American folk legend

"H.T. Brown has written a dramatic personal book. A sixties bumper sticker says Question Authority. Summer of Love does this with searing honesty and ironic humor.  No question Summer of Love will make an exciting, dramatic movie. Your life is a history lesson which can give younger people understanding of today's erasure of the "Viet Nam syndrome"

.—Haskell Wexler
Writer, producer, director, activist and two-time Academy Award™-winning cinematographer 

"H.T. Brown's idiosyncratic memoir is both funny and serious, intensely personal while illuminating important facets of our system of justice, in and out of the military. It is both troubling and instructive."

—Howard Zinn
American historian, professor, political scientist, activist,
playwright, and author of "A People’s History of the United States"

"H.T. Brown's story is a scathing indictment of the military industrial complex but it's more than that: it's a history lesson in counter-culture shock and the consequences of thinking for yourself. What happens when a musician gets kidnapped by the government? It's all here. And it's funny as hell."

—Carl Baugher
Musician and author of "Turning Corners: The Life and Music of Leroy Jenkins"

"Too angry. Too much shouting,"

—Nick Angres
(A sensitive young friend of the author)